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Cocullo Town (Abruzzo): the History, the Burgh and the Hospitality. How to get there


Cocullo is one of the most beautiful towns of Abruzzo. It's a small town with 300 citizens, in province of L'Aquila, between the "Valle Peligna" and the "Marsica" (a small region inside Abruzzo). Curled up on high hill, it seems like a part of the green nature which surrounds it.

Its origins are surrounded with mystery of the past. Its ancient name was "Koukoulon", which connects the town with the pre-Roman age. Indeed in the area around the town many small bronze statue representing Hercules and dating back to IV-I B.C. have been found; Strabon, a Greek historian (I century B.C.),  told us the town was near the ancient Valeria street. Probably, the ancient Cocullo was in the valley. Later, in the Medieval Age, it was rebuilt on the top of hill for easier defense it against enemy invasions. 

The town keeps intact its medieval structure, with its Madonna delle Grazie Church (XIII century), from which a large labyrinth of cobblestones paths unravels. Still to this day, you can see the beautiful tower of the ancient Piccolominis's Castle and the wonderful Medieval Fountain.

Later, the town was property of the most important families of Italy: Piccolomini (from Tuscany), Savelli (from Rome), Barberini (from Florence), Colonna (from Rome).
Today, Cocullo is one of the most famous tourist destinations. Many tourists and pilgrims visit the town during its most important and typical feast: the Rite of Snakecatchers, linked to the figure of a St Domenico from Sora, a Benedictine monk of XI century, who travelled around Italy and founded many churches and monasteries. He was the protector against wild animals and snakebites. In accordance with tradition, his grinding tooth is preserved in an ancient reliquary, which people use for curing pains.
The antiquity and the beauty of the town, its traditions and its unspoiled nature make it the perfect place for a relaxing holiday in contact with the most intact typical products and nature of Italy.



Where to sleep: Hotel, Farm Houses, B&B, Campings in Cocullo

Sofia Bed & breakfast: Casale di Cocullo - Via del Forno Vecchio - Tel: +39 347 2723967

Bioagriturismo La Porta dei Parchi: Anversa degli Abruzzi - Via Fonte di Curzio - Tel: +39 0864 49595

Agriturismo Locanda Nido d'Aquila: Castrovalva - Tel: +39 0864 49141


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How to get to Cocullo:

  • By car from Rome: Take the A24 Highway in the direction of Teramo. Change to the A25 Motorway in the direction of Pescara and take the exit for Cocullo. From there, drive through the State Street SS479 to Cocullo.
  • By car from Pescara: Take the A25 Highway in the direction of Rome and take the exit for Cocullo. From there, drive on the State Stree SS479 to Cocullo.
  • By bus from Rome: From the Tiburtina Bus Station in Rome, catch the Schiappa bus to Scanno (timetable: 5.30 - 6.50 - 9.00 - 15.20 - and just on sunday: 21.00). From Scanno, catch a local bus to Cocullo.
  • By bus from Pescara: From the bus station in Pescara, catch the bus going to Sulmona and get off to Sulmona's bus station and catch the Arpa bus to Anversa degli Abruzzi (timetable: 7.25 - 10.50 - 12.50 - 13.50 - 14.15 - 15.40 - 19.45). From Anversa degli Abruzzi, catch a local bus to Cocullo.
  • By train: Both from Rome and from Pescara, reach Sulmona by train (departures from Rome: 7.47 - 12.35 - 14.05 - 16.20 - 18.30). From Sulmona, catch the Arpa bus to Anversa degli Abruzzi. From there, catch a local bus to Cocullo.